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Bonnie & Larry

Bonnie and Larry are the founders of Jonas Studio. The journey began in 1987 when the studio first opened, both Larry and Bonnie had previous experience and background in the design and accessory industries. Larry, after graduating with a BA in business, continued on to work for the largest manufacturer of costume jewelry. Bonnie, after graduating with a BFA, began as a graphic designer and art director and continued on to designing accessories for various specialty and lifestyle stores. 

With that, the next chapter of the journey was set: Bonnie’s flair for design and Larry’s experience with manufacturing has led to the new “family farm-to-table” New York studio. And as the studio grows it’s no longer just Bonnie and Larry but the whole family, with Rachel and Zachary. And the values that Larry and Bonnie’s parents gave them, to love, support and respect your family, we want to share this with you, as we express it creatively in our accessories.


Rachel brings her art background right to the Jonas studio tables. She grew up around the jewelry industry and art and has been caught by the bug since. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon she pursued art residencies in the US and Europe and is now bringing her concepts and individualistic taste to the family studio. Having been a competitive tennis player and a current avid runner, she also brings her passion and excitement to the studio and to the accessories she and the family design.


When Zachary was younger and around the manufacture room that the old family studio had, he used to try to understand each and every piece as well as the process that eventually produced the accessories. After being recruited for tennis at DePauw University, Zachary pursued a BA in communications and now he brings his focus in PR and marketing to the family studio. His inquisitiveness and client based approach produces research and important feedback that in turn influences our designs. He is a big collaborator and enjoys finding out various ways to interact with clients and people in the industry. “We all have input on the designs and that’s the beauty behind Jonas Studio”.


Other than being the face behind the logo, Oliver is an intrinsic part of the family and studio. He travels with us to the studio everyday, bringing positive energy. Nobody comes into the office without receiving a greeting from Oliver. Little did Oliver know that his humble start as a rescue dog would eventually lead to being the ambassador of Jonas Studio.