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The sporty, spirited, and street wear inspired Hudson Collection inspires creativity thanks to bright colors balance wearable styles with ease.

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En BraceletEn Bracelet
En Bracelet Sale price$ 175.00
Decoy Bracelet - Men's Urban Jewelry - Jonas StudioDecoy Bracelet
Decoy Bracelet Sale price$ 165.00
Clearwater Bracelet
Clearwater Bracelet Sale price$ 165.00
Time and Place PendantTime and Place Pendant
Time and Place Pendant Sale price$ 168.00
Futurist BraceletFuturist Bracelet
Futurist Bracelet Sale price$ 235.00
Versa BraceletVersa Bracelet
Versa Bracelet Sale price$ 225.00
Collaborator Wallet ChainCollaborator Wallet Chain
Collaborator Wallet Chain Sale price$ 325.00
Channel Orange Wallet ChainChannel Orange Wallet Chain
Channel Orange Wallet Chain Sale price$ 295.00
Thousand Mile Wallet Chain
Thousand Mile Wallet Chain Sale price$ 275.00
Night Runner Necklace - Men's Beaded Necklace - Jonas StudioNight Runner Necklace
Night Runner Necklace Sale price$ 315.00
Cause and Effect Bracelet - Men's Chain Link Bracelet - Jonas StudioCause and Effect Bracelet
Cause and Effect Bracelet Sale price$ 715.00
Infinite Plans Bracelet - Men's Silver Bracelet - Jonas StudioInfinite Plans Bracelet
Infinite Plans Bracelet Sale price$ 695.00
Cove BraceletCove Bracelet
Cove Bracelet Sale price$ 245.00