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We’re not here by chance. Our jewelry is invested and inspired by the city. As our family grew, so did the  studio. Today we have a bigger team, and we are joined by our daughter and son. 

A lifestyle company

We express ourselves through what we wear. The idea that jewelry can change your whole appearance is something that always interests us. We make our products together, as a family. The products we design are an expression of our passion to translate art into wearable and expressive pieces of jewelry that are timeless. That’s the best way we feel we can make an honest and engaging product that we can share with you. But it’s never done until you put it on. 

Crafted NYC

We put an emphasis on New York City in our designs because it’s where we live and create. That’s why our collections are named and inspired by landmarks across the city. We hope that our translation of the city makes you feel a part of it.

So whether it’s the colorfulness and freedom of the Hudson River Park, or the metallic sleekness of the Flatiron, we’ve got New York covered.

Family owned and run

Our commitment to you and to our jewelry doesn’t stop at words. Every material we use, every metal, crystal and stone is intimately selected by our team to make sure our product is crafted with only the highest quality materials. We take part in every step of the process. We set the standards in our studio, and everything is made and packaged here. Once we have a creation in mind, we use the best materials we can find to make the best out of our ideas.

A finishing touch to every wardrobe

Our collections are designed and arranged with a purpose in mind. We want it to mean something to you, just like it means something to us. We know that like New York, we all have our moods and styles. That’s why we make sure you can pick and choose from our various collections.

Our jewelry represents

We showcase around the world and we’re proud to bring America, and New York in particular, to everywhere we go. People are always happy to hear that everything is made right here in the city.

Our family welcomes you to our brand.