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Taking a Unique Approach to Jewelry Design Was Important To Us from the Start.

Jewelry, after all, is no ordinary accessory. It’s a significant component of a greater vision that you have of yourself and that sense of self-expression is at the heart of everything crafted by the family-owned Jonas Studio.

The Design

In fact, it’s fundamental to our design process. Since 1987, our goal has been simple: to construct visionary pieces that reflect your signature style. It’s why each handmade accessory is meticulously made to order in our New York City studio with the attention that it deserves —with high-quality materials and design concepts that you would expect of something that best represents your personality.

Evolving Lifestyles

Key to our design process is an appreciation for evolving lifestyles, tied to a desire to tap into Manhattan’s vivacious energy. Jonas Studio’s pieces effortlessly transcend gender, culture, and expectation. Originality is brought to life through quality materials, rich textures, and eye-catching colors, blended to create jewelry that is as aesthetically appealing as it is true to your distinctive tastes.

New York City

New York City inspires our compositions, but it is our wearers who bring them to life. Which one best resonates with you? Maybe it’s one — or maybe it’s a little bit of everything.

In the melting pot that defines New York City’s unforgettable charm, our jewelry exudes the same charisma and spontaneity you express through your fashion choices. Our family’s vision is to create designs that mean something to you for more than just their appearance. Jonas Studio is committed to redefining jewelry that is truly an extension of you, your beliefs, and your innate sense of style.