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Our Culture

We express ourselves through what we wear. The idea that a small thing can change your whole appearance is something that always interests us. All of our accessories can completely change the way you look. We take pride in treating our accessories as an extension of ourselves.We also treat our accessories as works of art. Our process lets us create together. That’s the best way we feel we can make an honest and engaging accessory that we can share with you.
Honesty and self-expression is very important for us.
But it’s never done until you put it on. 


We want it to mean something to you, just like it means something to us. We know that like New York, we all have our moods and styles. That’s why we make sure you can pick and choose from our various collections. Some people like to hang around the Village, and some like to take their chances in Hell’s Kitchen.
Just pick what you feel like.


There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t work on more designs.
We constantly create and curate new collections. We also continue adding more to our existing collections. Inspiration is bottomless, and Oliver never lets us rest.


We make accessories that everyday people wear. That means our collections are designed and arranged with a purpose in mind. Inspiration doesn’t only mean different colors. Our Hudson Collection for example is water-friendly. 


We showcase around the world and we’re proud to bring America, and New York in particular, to everywhere we go. People are always happy to hear that everything is made right here in the city. And the New York curated collections are a bonus…