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Sterling Silver

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Nirvana NecklaceNirvana Necklace
Nirvana Necklace Sale price$ 445.00
NoMad Bracelet - Men's Silver Bead Bracelet - Jonas StudioNoMad Bracelet
NoMad Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 745.00
Out and Back PendantOut and Back Pendant
Out and Back Pendant Sale price$ 168.00
Paragon BraceletParagon Bracelet
Paragon Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 445.00
Pierpont Bracelet
Pierpont Bracelet Sale price$ 245.00
Raines NecklaceRaines Necklace
Raines Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 385.00
Reade BraceletReade Bracelet
Reade Bracelet Sale price$ 325.00
Renaissance NecklaceRenaissance Necklace
Renaissance Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 285.00
Riftstone BraceletRiftstone Bracelet
Riftstone Bracelet Sale price$ 195.00
Riverside BraceletRiverside Bracelet
Riverside Bracelet Sale price$ 215.00
Rizzoli BraceletRizzoli Bracelet
Rizzoli Bracelet Sale price$ 345.00
Seneca BraceletSeneca Bracelet
Seneca Bracelet Sale price$ 195.00
Silver Claw Pendant - Men's Silver Pendant Necklace - Jonas StudioSilver Claw Pendant
Silver Claw Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 350.00
Silver Rush BraceletSilver Rush Bracelet
Silver Rush Bracelet Sale price$ 245.00
Society BraceletSociety Bracelet
Society Bracelet Sale price$ 495.00
Sohmer BraceletSohmer Bracelet
Sohmer Bracelet Sale price$ 585.00
Solstice Bracelet - Men's Beaded Bracelet - Jonas Studio
Solstice Bracelet Sale price$ 225.00
Sonder WrapSonder Wrap
Sonder Wrap Sale price$ 475.00
Strand WrapStrand Wrap
Strand Wrap Sale price$ 195.00
Streetscapes BraceletStreetscapes Bracelet
Streetscapes Bracelet Sale price$ 235.00
Taylor BraceletTaylor Bracelet
Taylor Bracelet Sale price$ 1,145.00
Triple Threat WrapTriple Threat Wrap
Triple Threat Wrap Sale price$ 385.00
Upland Cuff - Men's Silver Cuff Bracelet - Jonas Studio
Upland Cuff Sale price$ 325.00
Varick NecklaceVarick Necklace
Varick Necklace Sale price$ 475.00
Versa BraceletVersa Bracelet
Versa Bracelet Sale price$ 225.00
Walkers BraceletWalkers Bracelet
Walkers Bracelet Sale price$ 365.00
Wanderer Pendant - Men's Silver Pendant Necklace - Jonas StudioWanderer Pendant
Wanderer Pendant Sale price$ 295.00
Waverly Bracelet - Men's Beaded Bracelet - Jonas StudioWaverly Bracelet
Waverly Bracelet Sale price$ 205.00
West 72 NecklaceWest 72 Necklace
West 72 Necklace Sale price$ 336.00
West BraceletWest Bracelet
West Bracelet Sale price$ 275.00