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Sterling Silver

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23 Street Necklace23 Street Necklace
23 Street Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 1,385.00
4th Avenue Bracelet4th Avenue Bracelet
4th Avenue Bracelet Sale price$ 2,352.00
All Hours Bracelet - 3mm Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet - Jonas StudioAll Hours Bracelet
All Hours Bracelet Sale price$ 415.00
Alley BraceletAlley Bracelet
Alley Bracelet Sale price$ 245.00
Amsterdam NecklaceAmsterdam Necklace
Amsterdam Necklace Sale price$ 295.00
Apex NecklaceApex Necklace
Apex Necklace Sale price$ 275.00
Arlo PendantArlo Pendant
Arlo Pendant Sale price$ 395.00
Sold outAvenues Bracelet - Sterling Silver Men's Chain - Jonas StudioAvenues Bracelet
Avenues Bracelet Sale price$ 495.00
Awakening BraceletAwakening Bracelet
Awakening Bracelet Sale price$ 224.00
Bazaar BraceletBazaar Bracelet
Bazaar Bracelet Sale price$ 225.00
Beacon Bracelet - Men's Tiger Eye & Kyanite Bracelet - Jonas StudioBeacon Bracelet
Beacon Bracelet Sale price$ 345.00
Belvedere BraceletBelvedere Bracelet
Belvedere Bracelet Sale price$ 285.00
Bethesda NecklaceBethesda Necklace
Bethesda Necklace Sale price$ 315.00
Better Judgement Pin - Silver-Plated Skull & Crossbones - Jonas Studio
Better Judgement Pin Sale price$ 175.00
Birch NecklaceBirch Necklace
Birch Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 345.00
Bleecker NecklaceBleecker Necklace
Bleecker Necklace Sale price$ 295.00
Blue Note Bracelet - Evil Eye Agate & Brown Lava Rock - Jonas StudioBlue Note Bracelet
Blue Note Bracelet Sale price$ 198.00
Bottom Line Bracelet - Men's Espresso Leather Bracelet - Jonas Studio
Bottom Line Bracelet Sale price$ 295.00
Brant BraceletBrant Bracelet
Brant Bracelet Sale price$ 235.00
Brook BraceletBrook Bracelet
Brook Bracelet Sale price$ 245.00
Burnham BraceletBurnham Bracelet
Burnham Bracelet Sale price$ 285.00
Calder BraceletCalder Bracelet
Calder Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 235.00
Canyon BraceletCanyon Bracelet
Canyon Bracelet Sale price$ 195.00
Cause and Effect Bracelet - Men's Chain Link Bracelet - Jonas StudioCause and Effect Bracelet
Cause and Effect Bracelet Sale price$ 715.00
Century Bracelet - Men's Silver Bead Designer Bracelet - Jonas StudioCentury Bracelet
Century Bracelet Sale price$ 395.00
Chambers BraceletChambers Bracelet
Chambers Bracelet Sale price$ 315.00
Change of Address Bracelet - Double-Wrap Chain-Link - Jonas StudioChange of Address Bracelet
Change of Address Bracelet Sale price$ 645.00
Chapman BraceletChapman Bracelet
Chapman Bracelet Sale price$ 245.00
Chester BraceletChester Bracelet
Chester Bracelet Sale price$ 1,156.00
Claremont Bracelet
Claremont Bracelet Sale price$ 245.00
Clearwater Bracelet
Clearwater Bracelet Sale price$ 165.00
Conviction Pendant - Men's Urban Jewelry - Jonas StudioConviction Pendant
Conviction Pendant Sale price$ 435.00
Cortlandt BraceletCortlandt Bracelet
Cortlandt Bracelet Sale price$ 495.00
Cosme NecklaceCosme Necklace
Cosme Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 415.00
Cove BraceletCove Bracelet
Cove Bracelet Sale price$ 245.00
Crossroads NecklaceCrossroads Necklace
Crossroads Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 1,215.00
Decoy Bracelet - Men's Urban Jewelry - Jonas StudioDecoy Bracelet
Decoy Bracelet Sale price$ 165.00
Delancey WrapDelancey Wrap
Delancey Wrap Sale price$ 285.00
District BraceletDistrict Bracelet
District Bracelet Sale price$ 465.00
Dylan BraceletDylan Bracelet
Dylan Bracelet Sale price$ 195.00
Elemental Cuff - Men's Silver Cuff Bracelet - Jonas StudioElemental Cuff
Elemental Cuff Sale price$ 375.00
Eleven Madison Bracelet - Men's Urban Bracelet - Jonas StudioEleven Madison Bracelet
Eleven Madison Bracelet Sale price$ 745.00
Ellipsis BraceletEllipsis Bracelet
Ellipsis Bracelet Sale price$ 155.00
En BraceletEn Bracelet
En Bracelet Sale price$ 175.00
Eno NecklaceEno Necklace
Eno Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 305.00
Essex WrapEssex Wrap
Essex Wrap Sale price$ 206.00
Eye See You BraceletEye See You Bracelet
Eye See You Bracelet Sale price$ 175.00
Sold outFair Play Cuff - Men's Silver Cuff Bracelet - Jonas StudioFair Play Cuff
Fair Play Cuff Sale price$ 375.00